Belt Repair-Kit SF

fast curing polyurea repair and coating compound for rubber surfaces, work pack

Product number: 10062980

CHF 200.21*

Content: 0.59 kg (CHF 339.34* / 1 kg)

WEICON Belt Repair-Kit is a 2-component polyurethane system for the fast repair and coating of rubber surfaces. It has a very high curing speed, high elasticity and wear resistance, is impact-resistant and abrasion-resistant, and has a particularly high tear resistance. Thanks to its high mechanical strength, it is suitable especially for repairs on rubber and metal components, which are exposed to impacts, abrasion or vibrations. The Belt Repair-Kit SF offers fast and easy processability. The system is suitable for various applications, such as the repair and coating of conveyor belts, the repair of rubber coatings, for use as flexible wear protection, and for the fast repair of worn-out rubber surfaces. In addition to the polyurethane system, the set comprises a primer for surface pre-treatment, and a spatula to spread the compound evenly.


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