durable and self-fusing repair tape, size M

Product number: 10057455

CHF 38.12*

Content: 3.5 m x 10 cm (CHF 10.89* / 1 m x 10 cm)

Flexible, durable and self-fusing repair tape made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic for quick emergency repairs in indoor or outdoor areas. The tape is soaked with a special resin and is activated by contact with water. It can be applied very easily and fast and shows very high adhesive strength on almost all surfaces. After just 30 minutes, the tape is fully cured and hard-wearing. After curing, the tape can be sanded and painted over. It has high chemical and temperature resistance – from 50 °C / (-58 °F) to +150 °C (302 °F) for short periods. The tape can be applied without additional tools and is used for reliable and durable repairs in industrial applications, skilled trades, around the house, and in the camping and DIY sector.


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