WEICON Fire Safe

adhesive system with fire retardant properties

Product number: 10062921

CHF 187.72*

Content: 1 kg (CHF 187.72* / 1 kg)

WEICON Fire Safe is a white, flame-retardant 2-component adhesive that can be applied with a spatula. It is suitable for applications in the fire protection sector and is used for fastening wear protection ceramics or steel parts to a wide variety of surfaces, such as metal, concrete or similar materials. The adhesive system is very strong, hard-flexible after curing and has been modified to be impact-resistant. The adhesive does not become brittle even under the most extreme conditions. It exhibits good wear protection properties in the event of particle erosion, has good chemical resistance and is solvent-free. WEICON Fire Safe contains additives that cause self-extinguishing within a few seconds. It was tested in accordance with DIN EN ISO 340 at the DMT in Dortmund and successfully passed the test. The special adhesive can be used in many areas of application, e.g. for fastening fire barriers and covers or components with fire resistance requirements. Fire Safe can be used in a wide variety of industrial areas, e.g. in refineries, in cement production, in the chemical industry, in tank construction, valve construction or insulation technology.


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