Ceramic-filled epoxy resin system for high wear protection

Product number: 10067887

CHF 380.16*

Content: 2 kg (CHF 190.08* / 1 kg)

The WEICON WL epoxy resin system is used to coat surfaces that are subject to stresses. It is liquid, spreadable, brushable (can be applied with a brush), has a high adhesive strength especially on stainless steel, is ceramic-filled and resistant to chemicals. Owing to its long pot life, WEICON WL can be used for applications with higher ambient temperatures or for larger surfaces. WEICON WL is well suited for a system build-up in combination with other Plastic Metal types. For example, the 2-component epoxy resin can be used as a primer when lining pump casings made of stainless steel that are subject to heavy loads. The surface coating can be used in machine and plant construction, in apparatus engineering and in many other areas of industry.


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