Repair instead of replacement

With the help of our WEICON products, many items can be repaired and replacement costs can be prevented - whether it’s by using sprays, adhesives or tools. On this page - divided into the sections “Industry and Trades” and “Home Improvement” - you can find a selection of repair products and information on customer applications, actual cost saving and areas of use. Pictures, brochures and videos provide you with more information on our products

Repairs in industry and crafts

 Find leaks and save costs with WEICON Leak Detection Spray

The average leakage rate of compressed air systems in industrial companies amounts to 25 percent. WEICON Leak Detection Spray helps to find cracks and porous areas in pressurized pipes pipes at an early stage. That way, unnecessary costs are prevented.

  Emergency repairs on pipes and pipelines with WEICON Pipe Repair-Kit

For sealing leaks, improving structural strength or increasing wall thickness, the WEICON Pipe-Repair Kit is an ideal helper – whether on plastic, steel or copper. The product offers an easy alternative to the time-consuming replacement of pipe sections and the cost-intensive downtimes it involves.

Repair of a four-way valve in the paper industry with WEICON A

WEICON A can be used to remove corrosion damages and pitting on tanks and other components. The video shows the coating of a four-way valve with WEICON A. That way, the abrasion damages caused by paper and water could be removed. WEICON A has a DNV GL certificate. It is thus suitable for repair works in the maritime industry.

Backfilling of system difficult to align with WEICON CBC

The epoxy resin system replaces fitting pieces and ensures direct contact to the foundation. To achieve a frictional connection of the bridge bearing, the heterogeneous grinding of the concrete due to micro-vibrations was reconstructed by the casting of WEICON CBC.

 Repairs on vertical surfaces with WEICON Easy-Mix HT 180

WEICON Easy-Mix HT 180 offers an ideal solution for fast repairs on vertical surfaces. The Easy-Mix dosing system makes applying the fast-curing 2-component adhesive very easy. Thanks to the adhesive, the evaporator in a petrochemical plant was repaired and the production could be resumed after just 24 hours.

Maintenance of the outer cylinder on a pellet mill with WEICON WR2 and WEICON Ceramic BL

WEICON WR2 is ideal for use as a wear-resistant base layer before the final coating with silicium- and zirconium silicate-filled WEICON Ceramic BL. The product combination also provides an ideal maintenance solution for metal surfaces, like on the outer cylinder of a pellet mill. Both products are also suitable for repairs on conveyors, guide rails and sliding ways.


AWB _Risspruefmittel Entwickler
Material testing with WEICON Crack Testing Agent

With the WEICON Crack Testing Agent - Cleaner, Penetrant and Developer - materials can be tested for their functionality in a non-destructive way by means of dye penetrant inspection. The sprays are suitable for detecting damages on alloyed and unalloyed steels, cast steel, grey cast iron and malleable cast iron, weldings, plastics, non-ferrous metals or ceramics.

Repair of a printing plate with WEICON HB 300

For filling cavities, sealing pumps and repairing damages on car bodies and machine components, our WEICON HB 300 is ideal - even on vertical surfaces. At one of our customers’ site, the support surface of a burst, 400kg heavy printing plate did not show 100% force closure anymore. Our solution: gap filling with HB 300. That way, the printing plate could be reattached and vibrations as well as a potential safety hazard could be minimised. The cost saving compared to purchasing new bearings amounted to approx. € 35,000.

Home improvement repairs

Repairing tiles with WEICON Repair Stick Aqua

An ideal helper for small repairs in sanitary facilities and heating construction, in electrical engineering or for boat repairs is the WEICON Repair Stick Aqua. It helps to repair cracks and holes in tiles and sanitary facilities, to seal leaks in petrol and water tanks or radiators, or to repair electrical switchboards.

Repairing sunglasses with WEICON Contact VA 1460

Items of everyday life that broke over time don’t always have to be thrown away, many things can be repaired fast and easily. Thanks to WEICON Contact VA 1460, the broken off nose pads of a pair of sunglasses could be reattached. The cyanoacrylate adhesive with medium viscosity was ideal to penetrate into the grooves of the nose pads. In addition, the adhesive is low-bloom and thus didn’t leave any powdery residues.

Well equipped household with the Electrical Installation Set 4

Our Electrical Installation Set 4 from the WEICON TOOLS range should be part of every household equipment and every construction site. Our classic for various stripping tasks, the Wire Stripper No. 5, is a perfect everyday companion. It is suitable for all common stranded and solid conductors. The Round Cable Stripper No. 13 helps to save time and effort on stripping tasks thanks to the cutting depth adjustment, the ergonomic handle shape and the expanded working range.

Filling holes in floor screed WEICON HP and WEICON Contour Spatula Flexy

The daily stress due to skateboarding had taken its toll on the floor in the Skaters Palace in Muenster. With the pasty WEICON HP, the holes in the screed floor could be repaired easily. The processing with the Contour Spatula Flexy ensured smooth surfaces that look as good as new. The epoxy resin system shows enormous impact resistance after processing and thus easily withstands long-term stresses.

Bonding kitchen utensils with WEICON Contact VA 8406 and WEICON Epoxy Minute Adhesive

WEICON Contact VA 8406 and WEICON Epoxy Minute Adhesive are very fast-curing and thus perfect for fast repairs. That way, wooden kitchen utensils, for example, can be easily repaired. Cracks in the cheese slicer were filled with the low-viscosity cyanoacrylate adhesive and thus, the stability of the handle was restored. To fix the handle to the cheese slicer, the viscous, self-levelling WEICON Epoxy Minute Adhesive was used.

Epoxy Minute Adhesive

Convenient Cable Scissors No. 35 for eletrical installations

The Cable Scissors No. 35 from our WEICON TOOLS range is always handy for use in electrical installations. Thanks to its safety box with belt clip, the scissors don’t need a tool box and are always close at hand. It enables cutting, stripping and crimping - with a high cutting capacity thanks to blade made of special stainless steel.

AWB_GMK 2410
Repairing a trailer cover with WEICON GMK 2410

In this application, a trailer cover could be repaired with WEICON GMK 2410. For large-surface and flexible rubber-rubber or rubber-metal bonds, our GMK 2410 is the perfect solution. Sponge rubber, PE foam, leather, felt, insulating materials, textiles, wood and many plastics can also be bonded with the moisture-resistant contact adhesive.

Attaching baseboards with WEICON Fast-Bond Assembly Adhesive

WEICON Fast-Bond is strong, paintable, sandable, and thus an ideal helper for the DIY sector. It helps to easily attach angle bars, trims and baseboards. The assembly adhesive bonds MDF boards, wood panels, chipboards, fibreboards or plasterboards, concrete, marble, natural or artificial stone, ceramic, metals and rigid foams.

Fast repairs with the WEICON adhesives Epoxy, Fast-Metal as well as Aluminium Minute Adhesive

Especially smaller repairs around the house can be carried out fast and easily with the adhesives WEICON Epoxy Minute Adhesive, WEICON Fast-Metal Minute Adhesive and WEICON Aluminium Minute Adhesive. The adhesives are available in a practical double syringe and can be applied without a dispensing gun or other tools. That way, for example, wood, metal and aluminium parts can be repaired or bonded within a few minutes.

Sealing small cracks and holes with WEICON Allround Sealing Spray

With WEICON Allround Sealing Spray, small cracks and holes can be sealed within minutes. The product is a sprayable plastic, which can be used in indoor and outdoor areas to seal gutters, roofs, caravans or swimming pool walls.

Glueing a mosaic with WEICON Speed-Flex®

The highly viscous adhesive WEICON Speed-Flex® shows particularly high initial strength. Therefore, it is ideal for glueing beautiful mosaic pictures, mosaic tables, mosaic lamps , and much more - with mosaic stones or old clay shards and tile fragments, for example, great mosaic art can be created. In addition, the adhesive can be used for creating adhesive bonds on vertical surfaces, while also replacing conventional fixing methods such as screws or dowels. The adhesive can also be used to attach signs or info cards to walls, for example.

Maintaining fittings with WEICON Fitting Spray

When doors or windows start to squeak, it is high time to clean and maintain the fittings. To do so, WEICON Fitting Spray is the perfect choice. It is free of silicone, resin, acid and solvents, and ensures gentle lubrication, care and maintenance of all fittings and padlocks. This prevents friction, wear and squeaking noises on fittings of windows, doors, gates, garages and hinges.